Digital Marketing

Throughout my education, I have had the opportunity to apply my knowledge of digital marketing skills to various internship and school projects. Below are some of my recent works in the field.

UW Department of Surgery

This year, I started working as a graphic design intern within the Publications Office at the University Hospital. Some of my duties include designing and producing materials such as directories, award certificates, posters, and  preparing research figures, graphs, and charts for print and publication. I also assist in writing news items for the intranet and Department of Surgery website. Below are some highlights of my work.

UW Credit Union

Previously, I worked as a Communications Intern with the UW Credit Union. Some of my tasks were writing and editing internal and external communications such as web ads, print ads, newsletter articles, press releases and website copy. I also participated in the implementation, production and communication of promotional campaigns and provided ongoing support to the Marketing Department.

Lucky Charms Campaign Proposal


Throughout the semester in Journalism 345, our class was divided in agencies, each responsible from developing and designing a campaign booklet for our client, Lucky Charms. In Hyper Media, my agency, I was the Public Relations and Promotions Director, where I was responsible for analyzing public opinion by monitoring the brand’s press coverage and planning promotions to generate press coverage by implementing publicity programs on social media. I also conducted research to determine primary and secondary markets, along with planning a budget for public campaigns, maintaining relations with the media, and drafting press releases for the media.


Journalism 411, a multimedia design course I was enrolled in this semester, focused on the visual communication and graphic design in multimedia contexts. I was able to expand my skills in the Adobe Creative Suite by branding a variety of materials for different fictitious clients, using different techniques to relay creative messages through print and digital media.

Over the course of the semester, I had to establish a business and create a series of communications. I established Wholesome, an alternative medicine business that focuses on health and well-being. I choose to brand Wholesome with simple and clean designs, just as our products utilize clean ingredients and natural services. Below are designs for a logo, business suite, postcard and social media banners and icons. 


DJ Trifles is starting a new electronic music festival in Madison, WI. The music festival will feature DJ’s from around the world, featuring genres like trap, bass and funk. The theme of the festival will be “out of this world,” incorporating extraterrestrial objects to create a psychedelic experience for the attendee.

Below are designs for the Trifles logo, a lineup poster and a business card.


Another project I worked on collaboratively was the rebranding of UW-Madison’s Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program. My teammates and I were given the task of redesigning the current logo and creating more promotional materials for the program.

Overall, we wanted to give the LACIS program a fun look while still aligning with the UW-Madison brand. We updated the logo and created a mosaic out of the words LACIS to show the cultural history rooted behind the program. Each of the mosaic tiles fit together to create unity, representing how the diverse members of LACIS come together from around the world to work towards a common goal of research, knowledge, and human understanding. This logo is incorporated into all of the promotional materials to create a brand language that will become recognizable and communicate professionalism.