Web Design

I have developed my web design skills for a variety of internship and class projects by targeting specific b2c audiences through visual communication using the WordPress platform. Below you will find work that focuses on clients such as medical professionals and patients, alternative health product consumers, the Madison community, and student population.

Department of Surgery – University of Wisconsin-Madison

At my current internship at the UW Department of Surgery, I have worked on a variety of web design and development tasks. I have assisted in converting the department website from a content management system to the WordPress platform, improved search engine optimization, and updated the website using HTML and CSS.

Web Redesign for Surgery Website
New Department Website


Over the course of the semester, I had to establish a personal business and create a series of communications tailored for health product consumers. I established Wholesome, an alternative medicine business that focuses on health and well-being. I choose to brand Wholesome with simple and clean designs, just as our products utilize clean ingredients and natural services. Below are designs for a logo, business suite, postcard and social media banners and icons. 

Wholesome web design launching page
Wholesome website

Nature’s Marketplace

In my Journalism 202 class, I had the opportunity to create content surrounding the topic of veganism in the Madison Community and design a cohesive website for the public. I interviewed numerous sources and created unique story angles to give a broad idea of the topic for  viewers of the website, which features two informative articles, an audio story, a video story, and alternative story forms such as an infographic and Storify.

Nature's Marketplace Website that showcases veganism in Madison
Nature’s Marketplace Website


In my Journalism 202 class, each lab was tasked with creating a new mobile application to solve a problem in the UW-Madison community. We created Openings, a “one-stop job shop” operating on an easy-to-use platform that provides students the opportunity to connect with employers in the Madison area and secure a job, ranging from internships, part-time jobs, or “quick cash.” My role in this project was to develop the visual identity including logo and color scheme, create a WordPress site to hold all content created for the project including architecture, navigation, design and usability, and wireframe sketches of the mobile app. At the end of the semester, we pitched our app to a panel of experts and competed against the other lab groups in the class. We won the award from the professor and TA’s for best overall concept and design.

Openings Mobile App Design >Openings Mobile App Design >Openings Mobile App Design