Giving Back to MYSO

By Anne TarmannGiving Back to MYSO.png

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to return to the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra as the Artistic Management and Production Intern. Here, I worked under the supervision of Paul Beck, the Manager of Artistic Operations.

The experiences I gained interning for MYSO have completely transformed my perspective on the workforce. I learned that there is a lot of “behind-the-scenes” work that takes place in order to ensure the organization runs smoothly and effectively. From small projects like updating calendars on social media to larger projects like analyzing and reporting on student participation trends, both are necessary to the functionality of the office.

I also learned how a non-profit organization is run and the purpose of each staff member’s role in the administration. I had the chance to meet one-on-one with Linda Edelstein the Executive Director, Emily Lukasek the Development Director, and Katie Truax, the Development Manager. These meetings were very insightful as I learned more about their personal backgrounds and how they came to work at MYSO, as well as advice for achieving success in my future career goals. I also assisted in projects with the Community Partnership Manager, Bernard Rahming, and Communications DirectorMichelle Hoffman. By interacting and observing each of the staff members, I was able to piece together how each member’s contributions come together as a whole.

What I enjoyed most about interning at MYSO was seeing how the organization serves young musicians. Specifically, I had the opportunity to travel with the Calypso Summer Camp to their Summerfest Music Festival performances. I was able to interact with some of the young musicians and see the positive impact that music has, like teaching time management skills and the importance of diversity all while creating music and having fun.

Although the internship was unpaid, it allowed me to take a step back and realize that the most important things in life do not involve money. Seeing how the MYSO office provides young musicians with musical opportunities while developing skills to become successful young adults, as I have experienced first hand, is more important than receiving a paycheck for something that I am not passionate about. Knowing that I am making a difference in children’s lives through the tasks I completed in the office has been the most rewarding experience.

Thank you MYSO for allowing me this opportunity and providing me with skills to help me to be successful as I continue on in life.


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